Feedstuff and premixes

Russian premix Market in 2009-2013

Period: 2009-2013
Region: Russia



Description of commodity group

RF premix market review

RF premix market volume trends in 2007-2013 

Main factors of premix market growth in the RF

Livestock population growth
Livestock farming intensification
Diversification and instability of feed resources

Premix Price Review

Domestic Production of Premixes

Premix production volume over the period of 2009-2013 
Premix production structure by animal species
Main factors of premix production development in the RF
Structure of domestic production of premixes by producer

Import of Premixes

Premix import volume over the period of 2007-2013 
Premix import structure by animal species
Structure of premix import by producer
Structure of premix import by consumer

Premix Market Prospects in the RF

Profiles of the Key Market Players

The report contains:

- 24 Tables

- 12 Diagrams

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