Medicine and Veterinary


Survey of the Russian market of test systems used in PCR diagnostics (2008-2012, F2017)

Period: 2008-2012
Region: Russia


Description of the research topic

Practical applications of PCR method

1. Diagnostics of infectious diseases

2. PCR in veterinary medicine

3. PCR in plant growing sector

4. PCR in forensic medicine

Potential demand characterization

1. Area “HIV-infection diagnostics and therapy”

2. Area “Hepatitis diagnostics and therapy (HBV and HCV)”

3. Area “Diagnostics of STDs”

4. Area “TB diagnostics and therapy”

5. Area “Blood collection and processing”

6. Area “Activity of Rospotrebnadzor (the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing)” 

7. Area “Activity of Minselkhozprod (the Ministry of Agriculture and Food)” 

General market characteristics

Rating of the manufacturers of PCR tests

Characterization of PCR test system procurement

Market price analysis

Profiles of the key market players

Market development forecast

Other reports from rubric

Marketing reports

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