Medicine and Veterinary


Import of veterinary medicine chemicals into Russia in 2013

Period: 2013
Region: Russia


Data review is provided on the volume of import of veterinary medicine chemicals structured by key drug group: 

- Systemic antibiotics, including premixes

- Antibacterial agents for mastitis treatment

- Antibacterial agents for metritis treatment

- Antihelminthic products

- Anesthetic and sedative drugs

- Coccidiostats

- Antiectoparasitic drugs

- Hormonal products

Within each group, the data are structured by the following criteria:

1.    Country of origin;

2.    Product manufacturer;

3.   Product recipient;

4.    Product name and characteristics (trade name (TN), international non-proprietary name (INN), preparation form);

5.    Pack type and size;

Volume of shipments in physical terms – number of packs (including pack size);

Volume of shipments in monetary terms calculated as end-user prices (USD/RUR)

Data format – Excel spreadsheet.

Language of the report - Russian

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