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2009-2010 Russian Market of HIV Laboratory Diagnostic Services

Period: 2009-2010
Region: Russia
"…In 2009-2010, the Russian HIV laboratory diagnostics market was characterized by positive dynamics due to the growing need of end consumers (in-patents) for quality diagnostic services using IFA and PCR methods. The segment of the HIV diagnostics using IFA methods displayed a stable positive dynamics; the number of clients of diagnostic laboratories was constantly growing due to people’s desire to remain in good health and identify diseases in time. The PCR diagnostics segment depends directly on HIV incidence statistics, which has displayed a positive retrospective trend …"




General Description of the Subject of Investigation
1. Assessment of the HIV diagnostics market size

     1.1. General description of the market
     1.2.  Structure of the HIV laboratory diagnostics market with breakdown by diagnostic methods
     1.3. Structure of the market of HIV laboratory diagnostic services using IFA methods with breakdown by examined groups
     1.4. Structure of the market of HIV laboratory diagnostic services using the PCR method

2. Main medical facilities providing HIV laboratory diagnostic services

3. State and federal programs of HIV prevention, diagnostics and treatment

4. Forecast of development of the Russian market of HIV laboratory diagnostic services

5. New technologies of HIV laboratory diagnostics

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