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Analysis of the 2005-2010 Ready-Mixed Concrete Market

Period: 2005-2010
Region: Russia
"...Regionalization is typical of the market of construction materials. Consumption of ready-mixed concrete in each region depends on a number of factors, the main ones being concentration of consumers in a region; contacts established between manufacturers and consumers; prices on concrete and their dynamics by region.
A high level of transportation tariffs makes it impossible (for economic reasons) for many ready-mixed concrete manufacturers to sell their products outside a certain haulage radius (the haul distance is generally no more than 400-500 km). At the same time, high tariffs protect enterprises from competition, i.e. they actually become monopolists in the regional market, and their financial prosperity is determined by investment activity only in their region. That puts enterprises into extremely unequal conditions: in regions with intensive investment activity even low-quality products are rather competitive while high-quality products produced in regions with slack investment activity find no market.

In 2010, the volume of output changed in all constituent parts of the Russian Federation where concrete-producing facilities are situated as compared to2006. The Central Federal District remains the leader in the production of ready-mixed concrete..."


1. Overview of the Construction Market of the Russian Federation

     1.1.Main 2010 indicators of the construction sectorу
     1.2.Residential construction
     1.3.Situation in the mortgage market and the role of Agencies for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML)
     1.4.State support of the construction sector in 2010

     1.5.2010 summary and prospects for 2011
     1.6.Nonresidential construction

2. Ready-Mixed Concrete

    2.1.Definition of the commodity group

    2.2.Volume of output

    2.3.Seasonal nature of production
    2.4.Price movement
    2.5.Export and import of ready-mixed concrete    

    2.6.Rating of the main market segments

    2.7.Profiles of major manufacturing companies 

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