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Structure Materials

2005-2010 Concrete Goods Market

Period: 2005-2010
Region: Russia
"...For the first time in the history of Russia’s construction industry, 2009 witnessed a considerable decline. In 2010, the sector began to recover, primarily thanks to the projects implemented at State expense or with its support. Analysts quote the residential segment as the most promising one in the nearest future. In the fourth quarter of 2010, heads of 74% of construction entities assessed the economic situation in the construction sector as “satisfactory”, and the share of entities whose production programs corresponded to the “normal” level constituted 70%.

The volume of works performed in the construction sector in 2010 constituted 4,206,094 million RUR, some 0.4% more than in 2009. In general, a positive trend in this sector has been observed since January 2010, although its seasonal peculiarities also play their role..."


1. Overview of the Construction Market of the Russian Federation
     1.1.Main 2010 indicators of the construction sector
     1.2.Residential construction
     Nonresidential construction      
     Situation in the mortgage market and the role of Agencies for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML)
     State support of the construction sector in 2010
     2010 summary and prospects for 2011
2. Prefabricated Concrete Structures and Parts (Concrete Goods)
  Definition of commodity group     
    Volume of output
     Production structure by main types of concrete goods 
    Seasonal nature of production
     Geographical structure of production
     Price movement
     Export and import of concrete structures and parts
     Rating of main market participants
     Profiles of potential competing companies

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