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Analysis of the 2010 Import of Veterinary Preparations

Period: 2010
Region: Russia


Abercade Research Company offers updated statistical data on the volume and structure of imported veterinary preparations.

The data on the volume of import of veterinary biopreparations for farm animals (cattle + pigs), poultry and small cattle are available.

The data are structured according to the following categories:

1.    Country of origin;
2.    Forwarder;
3.    Manufacturer;
4.    Consignee;
5.    Commodity name and description (trade name, INN, preparation form);
6.    Packaging type and capacity.

Volume of delivery in kind – number of packages (considering packaging capacity)

Volume of delivery in terms of prices for end-consumers (USD/RUR)

Data presentation format: Excel sheet

Language of report: Russian

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