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Market for Preparations against Fodder Pollution with Mycotoxins in 2005-2009

Period: 2005-2009
Region: Russia
Quotation from the report:

"...Pollution with mycotoxins represents a world-wide problem for the global grain production: according to the results of a research, conducted by Biomin Gmbh, mycotoxins were detected in 75% of 1.5 thousand samples of grain, obtained from all over the world. According to FAO estimates, 25% of harvested grain are infected by mycotoxins; the global annual losses from mycotixin infection make up 1 billion tons (FAO, 4). However, the occurrence of various types of mycotoxins is not the same in different geographic regions, which is defined by the difference in climate and by the selection of crops cultivated. 

Supply of preparations against mycotoxins on the Russian market is formed at the expense of both domestic production and import. The range of domestic and foreign manufacturers is represented by various groups of preparations. 

The predominant components of the Russian preparations are enterosorbents based on the most common mineral substances (activated carbon, lignine), possessing non-selective adsorbing properties, except for LLC “Elest” preparation, known as “Fungistat K”, representing  a complex agent, combining both inhibitor and enterosorbent properties. Apart from mineral substances, a biological agent B. Subtilis is used as an active agent. In addition to this “Fungistat K” contains a number of supplemental active agents, stimulating the immune system and producing a general tonic effect. Among preparations, possessing additional useful properties, there is “Ecofiltrum” (LLC “Leksir”), containing a prebiotic – lactulose – affecting favorably the growth of useful bacterial microflora of intestines, when taken regularly.  

Two main groups can be distinguished in the variety of  the imported preparations: mold growth inhibitors and enterosorbents. Certain mold growth inhibitors produce an additional enterosobent impact at the expense of the  added mineral substances, e.g., A-Tox (manufactured by Cipla Ltd., India) and Mold Curb (manufactured by Kemin Europa N.V., Belgium)..."


1. Research Modalities

2. General Description of Preparations, Preventing Mycotoxicosis

2.1. Mycotoxins: classification and basic characteristics
2.2. Range of preparations against mycotoxicosis, available on the Russian market

3. Import of Preparations against Fodder Pollution with Mycotoxins

3.1. Volume of import
3.2. Volume and structure of mycotoxin detoxicant import

     Structure of detoxicant import by the type of the substance used and by effect
     Rating of the leading manufacturers of the imported detoxicants
     Rating of brands of the imported detoxicants 

3.3. Volume and structure of mold growth inhibitor import
3.4. Structure of import of preparations against fodder pollution with mycotoxins by importers

4. Domestic Production of Preparations against Fodder Pollution with Mycotoxins

     4.1. Volume of production
     4.2. Pattern of production

5. Export of Preparations against Fodder Pollution with Mycotoxins

6. Major Characteristics of the Market for Preparations against Fodder Pollution with Mycotoxins

6.1. Volume of market
6.2. Structure of market by the type of effects, produced by preparations
6.3. Rating of the leading manufacturers

     Price analysis 

7. Prospects of market expansion for preparations against Fodder Pollution with Mycotoxins

7.1. Prospects for various groups of preparations

     Efficiency of aluminum silicate based enterosorbents
     Efficiency of activated carbon based enterosorbents
    Efficiency of biological enterosorbents
   Efficiency of toxin biotransformers  

8. Predicted Expansion of the Russian Market for Preparations against Mycotoxins

Attachment. Leading companies’ profiles

Alltech Ltd.
Biomin Gmbh
Kemin Europa N.V.
Daavision B.V.
Unipoint A.G.

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