Medicine and Veterinary


Import of Veterinary Products into the RF from 2005-2009

Period: 2005-2009
Region: Russia
Abercade presents a topical report from the series “Medicine and Veterinary” reviewing indicators of veterinary product imports into Russia from 2005-2009.


1. General characteristics of import of veterinary products from 2005 -2009
     1.1. Trend characteristics of import supplies
     1.2. Total rating of the international drug manufacturers
2. General characteristics of import of ChemPharma products from 2005 -2009
     2.1. Major parameters
     2.2. Import of products - antibiotics
          Rating of companies
          INN rating
   2.3. Import of anti-mastitis drugs
           Rating of companies
           Brand rating
    2.4. Import of anti-metritis drugs

           Rating of companies
  2.5. Import of anti-parasitic (ectoparasites) drugs
         Rating of companies
 2.6. Import of anti-helminthic drugs
          Key characteristics of import structure
          Therapeutics for livestock
          Therapeutics for farm animals
  2.7. Import of hormonal products
         Rating of companies
3. General characteristics of vaccine imports from 2005 -2009
     3.1. Key characteristics
     3.2. Rating of companies
Attachment: Structure of ChemPharma product imports into the RF, US$K

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