Glass Tare

Overview of the 2007 Glass Bottle Market

Period: 2007
Region: Russia


Bottle description

  1. Definitions
  2. Main requirements to glass bottles
  3. Glass composition and main physical and chemical properties

Bottle production in the Russian Federation

  1. Background
  2. Glass bottle production in Russia
  3. Major manufacturers of glass bottles
  4. Utilization of capacities producing glass bottles by major companies
  5. Profiles of major glass bottle manufacturers
  6. Rusjam Ltd.
  7. Rusco Ltd. (Russian-American Glass Company)
  8. PKM Holding
  9. Kavminsteklo
  10. Sitall OJSC
  11. Kamyshinsky Glass Tare Factory CJSC
  12. Veda-Pack Group
  13. OST Group of Enterprises

Import of glass bottles

  1. Background
  2. Total volume of bottler import
  3. Structure of bottle import by countries
  4. Rating of major supplier countries
  5. Bottle import by capacity
  6. Bottle import by color

Export of glass bottles

  1. Rating of major exporter countries
  2. Bottle export by capacity
  3. Bottle export by color

Consumption of glass bottles

  1. Total glass bottle consumption
  2. Structure of glass bottle consumption by sectors
  3. Structure of glass bottle consumption by color
  4. Structure of glass bottle consumption by capacity
  5. List of major consumers of glass bottles in 2007

Market development prospects

  1. Background
  2. Estimate of glass bottle consumption market development for a period up to 2012

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