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Russian Compound Feed Market in 2006-2013. Market forecast through 2018

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At the end of 2013, the volume of the Russian compound feed market was estimated as 22.1 million tons in quantitative terms. The period of 2006-2013 displayed a steady growth of the market volumes, underlain by the growth of the livestock population, revision of approaches to feeding and the availability of rich feedstock resources. According to our retrospective assessment, the volume of the targeted market increased more that twice in physical terms and four times in monetary terms. A considerable growth of disproportion between quantitative and cost estimates was caused by an increase of the compound feed cost. 

The share of import in the total structure of the market accounted for negligible amounts (below 1% in terms of both quantity and value), which was explained by a well-developed compound feed industry inside the country, by a large share of logistics and customs costs in the structure of the product final cost. Based on Abercade estimates, the final price for foreign compound feed exceeded the similar parameter of the Russian product by approx. 3.5 times.

Source: Abercade

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