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Survey of the Russian market of test systems used in PCR diagnostics (2008-2012, F2017)

Company Abercade presents an updated report from the series “Diagnostics” focused on the Russian market of test systems used in PCR diagnostics for the period of 2008-2012 and 2017F

The report contains: 

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During the retrospective period, the market of PCR diagnostic systems showed unstable indicators of the market size caused mainly by change in the number of the target population group. 

Speaking about prospects of the market development (2017F), the key factor will comprise projected values of the target indicators. According to the survey results, the segment of testing for STDs will shape up the demand for PCR test systems, since 76% of the overall tests fall on this segment.

In the retrospective period, the number of tests for STD diagnosis based on ELISA methods remained stable which, in turn, is explained by epidemiological significance of these diseases. Thus an assumption can be made that in the future (2017F) the amount of PCR-based testing for STDs will remain on a similar level.

According to the Abercade report, as of 2012, the size of the market of PCR tests on the RF territory was equal to approx. 20.5 mln tests.

The retrospective period was characterized by unstable trends in the market size, depending primarily on the changes in the target group numbers. However, it is worth noting that during the studied period about 20 mln tests using PCR method were carried out on the RF territory. Over the period of 2008-2012 this indicator demonstrated a consistent growth in monetary terms as opposed to its quantitative expression which is, in turn, caused by the growing cost of PCR tests. To this end, over the period of 2008-2012 this indicator increased by approx. 0.2 USD/test.

As of 2012, in quantitative terms the volume of domestic production of PCR tests was considerably higher vs. the volume of imports.  As estimated for 2012, the share of the domestic offer made up around 76% of the overall market size – 15.6 mln tests. During the reviewed period only a slight growth of the domestic production output of PCR tests was observed. In quantitative terms, the growth rate was approx. +1%.

Over the period of 2008-2012, in value terms the share of offer of domestic and imported products remained unchanged and almost equal – 50% each which is associated with a high price of foreign PCR tests. Thus, as of 2012, the volume of import reached approx. USD 36.1 mln vs. USD 31.5 mln of the volume of offer of Russian products.

Source: Abercade
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