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Import of veterinary medicine chemicals into Russia in 2013

Since 2003, Research Company Abercade has published regular statistical updates on the volume and structure of imports of veterinary drugs. Now you can find the latest version of the monitoring report for 2013.

Data review is provided on the volume of import of veterinary medicine chemicals structured by key drug group: 

- Systemic antibiotics, including premixes

- Antibacterial agents for mastitis treatment

- Antibacterial agents for metritis treatment

- Antihelminthic products

- Anesthetic and sedative drugs

- Coccidiostats

- Antiectoparasitic drugs

- Hormonal products

Within each group, the data are structured by the following criteria:

1.    Country of origin;

2.    Product manufacturer;

3.   Product recipient;

4.    Product name and characteristics (trade name (TN), international non-proprietary name (INN), preparation form);

5.    Pack type and size;

Volume of shipments in physical terms – number of packs (including pack size);

Volume of shipments in monetary terms calculated as end-user prices (USD/RUR)

Data format – Excel spreadsheet.

Language of the report - Russian

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