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Second International Congress-Partnering & EXPO “EurasiaBIO-2010”

We would like to invite you to attend the upcoming “EurasiaBIO-2010”, Second International Congress-Partnering & EXPO on biotechnology and bioeconomy. The event will be held on April 12-15, 2010 in Moscow, Russia. In addition, 5th International Congress “Fuel Bioethanol-2010” will be co-located this year with “EurasiaBIO-2010”.

In Russia biotechnology has been identified as a national priority; this, coupling with Russian biomass resources and scientific excellence, could make Russia a very interesting place for industrial biotechnology. We are developing a very business oriented Congress’ program, while keeping it very interesting for government and academia as well. Several tracks are planned:

- Systems Biology & Biotechnology
- Health & Medicine
- Food & Agriculture
- Industrial (White) Biotechnology
- Bioenergy
- Biotechnology Financing & Infrastructure
- Countries and Companies Presentations

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