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The Volume of Insecticide Substances Imported into Russia is Growing

From 2006-2008, the volume of imported insecticide substances increased by 9%. Most of the imported insecticide substances are synthetic pyrethroids and organophosphorus compounds. In 2006, 88.6 tons of pyrethroids were imported, while in 2008 the imported volume reached almost 160 tons. The largest volume of substances from this group was imported in 2007 200 tons. The increase in consumption of synthetic pyrethroids is a global trend, as these products of a new generation have demonstrated their high efficacy against a wide range of insects and at the same time - low consumption rates and relative environmental safety.

Organophosphorus compounds also make up a significant proportion of imported products: in 2008 the volume of supplies reached 465.0 tons (similar to that in 2006).
The Close Joint Stock Company August is holding a leading position in terms of physical volume of insecticide substance imports: in 2008 it purchased 30% of the overall import volume (26% more vs. 2007). The second position is held by the Limited Liability Company Agro Expert Group 16% of the overall import volume. Earlier this company did not import insecticide substances.  The Close Joint Stock Company Shchelkov AgroKhim is running third: 9% of the overall import volume.

As to value estimate of the imported volumes, a leading position is again kept by the Close Joint Stock Company August (33% of the aggregate cost of supplied products, which is by 65% higher than in the previous year). The second position is held by the Limited Liability Company (LLC) Agrorus Ryazan (17.1% of the import volume) and the third - the Close Joint Stock Company Shchelkov AgroKhim (10.9%).

The companies import varying quantities of insecticide substances. Only the Close Joint Stock Company August has been staying permanently among the top three importers. In 2007, large volumes of the products were also purchased by such trade companies as Inter Stil LLC and Agrotorg LLC. This situation demonstrates that in most cases the buyers are not direct consumers and manufacturers resell some of the supplied products to other producers.

 As to physical volume of supplies by the major producers of insecticide substances available at the Russian market, for the last several years Cheminova A/S has been the leading manufacturer. In Russia, Cheminova A/S products include primarily organophosphorus compounds (OPC). The second position is held by Shanghai Pesticide Factory (OPC) and the third by Trustchem Ltd. (OPC). 

As regards volume cost estimate, the key manufacturer is Imaspro Resources (Malaysia) whose products include synthetic pyrethroids. Cheminova A/S runs only second. Similar import volumes in value terms have been reported for Nanjing Boost Industrial & Trading Corp and Trustchem Ltd. 
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