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Science and Training for Biosafety. Fifth International Conference


The Conference is intended for scientists, engineers, physicians, public health researchers who are carrying out research to defend against the growing threat of bioterrorism, and policy makers who need to be informed about the latest scientific developments and who are shaping the future biodefense research agenda, recognizing that emerging infectious diseases serve as a paradigm for handling the public threat of bioterrorism. The purpose of the Conference is to organize a forum for scientists, engineers, policy makers and educators on surveillance, diagnostics, biosafety, and pathogen security to raise awareness and to promote effective laboratory practices; for persons who are entering the profession and those who already have got certain experience in biosafety, for persons who supervise biosafety professionals and for those who will benefit from additional knowledge of biosafety as a complement to their primary responsibilities. One more goal is to help organize international cooperation of scientists and engineers to create conditions of mutual control and form the “peaceful” thinking to prevent the development of new types of BW.

The program of the Conference will cover such subjects as:

  • History of terrorism in Europe, USA, Russia, other countries; Psychological, political, social and religious aspects of bioterrorism.
  • International cooperation in biosafety; International agencies and organizations dealing with biosafety and bioterrorism.

- Governmental and federal documents in Russia, USA and other countries on counteraction and prevention of the bioterrorism.

- Bioethics. Civic responsibility of researchers and policy makers.

- Instruments and materials of bioterrorism; Biosafety instruments and technical developments.

- Environmental, agricultural, veterinary and human health biosafety

- Pathogens: Pathogenic microorganisms risk groups; Identification and indication of pathogenic agents; Prophylaxis, preventive measures and treatment of dangerous infectious diseases. “Socially important infections” : AIDS, “bird flu” , etc.

- Nanobiotechnologies and biosafety.

- Agroterrorism and phytoterrorism. Prevention and counteractions. Biological protection of plants: methodology, state-of-art and perspectives; Genetically engineered (modified) plants.

- Physical and biological protection of the staff at research laboratories; GLP, GMP standards. Laboratories of 1- 4 level of the biosafety.

- Biosafety programs at educating and training institutions.


  • Center for Ecological Research and BioResources Development
  • Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms, Russian Academy
  • Research Center for Toxicology and Hygienic Regulation of Biopreparations, Ministry of Health
  • All-Russian Institute of Biological Plant Protection, Agricultural Academy
  • Pushchino State University
  • Administration of the Pushchino Academia Center

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