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2009 Import of Veterinary Preparations – Antibiotics

Rating of Companies

According to Abercade studies, in 2005-2009 the deliveries structure included products of more than 30 foreign manufacturers; despite this fact, the import structure is rather concentrated. The share of the top 5 companies displayed an obvious trend towards growth and constituted about 77% in 2008-2009.

The structure of import of antibiotics produced by top 5 companies

Source: Abercade Research Company

1. In 2009, the largest supplier of veterinary antibiotics to the Russian market was CEVA Group whose share of deliveries to the Russian market constituted 24%. The commodity composition of its deliveries was represented by 14 preparations, the main ones in 2009 being:

- the injection form of Oxytetracycline (Tetravet L.A.)
- fodder antibiotic Dimetridazole 45%
- fodder antibiotic Tiaclor Premix (Tiamulin + Chlortetracycline)
- peroral antibiotic Quinocol (Enrofloxacin + Colistin)
The aggregate share of the four main preparations constituted about 63% in the volume of delivery of CEVA preparations.
2. Invesa Group, which had occupied the leading position during the previous three years, went to the second place in 2009. In 2008-2009, its volume of deliveries changed insignificantly while the Company’s share remained at the level of 19%. Invesa Group supplies 11 antibiotic preparations to the Russian market, the main ones being:

- the injection form of Amoksicillin (Amoksicillin 15%)
- fodder antibiotic Doxiprex (Doxycycline 10%)
- peroral solution of Oxytetracycline (Enroflox 10%)
The above preparations account for approximately 60% of the total volume of imported antibiotics produced by Invesa Group.

3. The third place went to a Slovenian manufacturer KRKA D.D. In 2009, its share in the structure of imported antibiotics constituted 15%. Its deliveries included 15 preparations, the four main ones being:

- peroral antibiotic Gentamycin (10%)
- peroral antibiotic Floron (Phlorphenicol 2%)
- the injection form of Enrofloxacinа (Enroxil 5%)
- peroral solution of Enrofloxacin (Enroxil 10%)
The aggregate share of the four main preparations constituted 68% in the structure of imported antibiotics produced by KRKA.

4. The fourth place in 2009 belonged to Pfizer Animal Health. Of the eight imported preparations the main one was Draxxin (Tulathromicin), which accounted for about 70% of the total imported volume.
5. The fifth place went to a Bulgarian manufacturer Biovet JSC (Balkanpharma-Razgrad A.D.). The Company’s share in the structure of imported antibiotics dropped to 7% in 2009. The product range included seven preparations, the main one being a peroral antibiotic Tiamulin (80%).

INN Rating

The structure of imported antibiotics according to the reactant (INN) is represented by more than 40 preparations (including combinations). The aggregate share of the main five INN constituted about 48%, or $ 20.3 million.

Top 5 INN among veterinary antibiotics imported into Russia in 2009
Others - 52%
Source: Abercade Research Company
1. Enrofloxacin: As an active monocomponent, the substance is a part of 13 preparations produced by six foreign manufacturers. The largest supplier of Enrofloxacin preparations is KRKA D.D.

2. Amoxicillin: 10 trade names of the preparation of the INN rating are supplied to the Russian market. Major supplies are Invesa (10% and 15% Amoksicillin preparations) and CEVA (Vetrimoxin 50% and Vetrimoxin L.A.)

3. Oxytetracycline: The main Oxytetracycline preparation supplied to the Russian market is Tetravet L.A. (produced by CEVA).

4. Tulathromycin: Only one preparation based on this INN is represented in the import structure – Draxxin, produced by Pfizer Animal Health.

5. Doxycycline hyclate: Among the five preparations based on Doxycycline the largest share of deliveries belongs to those produced by Invesa (Doxiprex 10%).

The share of other preparations included into the 35 INN groups constituted approximately 52% of the volume of import.
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