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Review of Electric Meter Market in 2008

Production of Electric Meters

The volume of electric meter production in 2008 made up 7 016 363 pcs. in natural terms. 

2007 was marked by a 36.3% production growth as compared to 2006, which was mostly related to a considerable increase in the volume of electric meters, produced by Incotex. In 2007 this company expanded its production at the expense of establishing auxiliary production in the Saratov Region.  

In 2008 production of electric meters remained at the previous level.
 Production of Electric Meters by Different Manufacturers (in shares)  

 In 2008 Concern Energomera was in the lead in terms of production volume. According to Abercades calculation, the companys market share was 32%. A study, undertaken by Abercade in 2004 - 2008 showed, that Concern Energomera was quite sustainable in the Russian market.  

The second position in the rating of the leading market players is held by Incotex (its market share being 20%). Over the recent 2 years the company has built up its production by expanding production capacity at the expense of auxiliary production, established in the Saratov Region. 
Sustainable positions in the group of market leaders  are held by OJSC LEP (with the market share of 10%), OJSC MPEI (10%) and FSUE Nizhegorodsky Plant named after M.V. Frunze (9% of the market).

 Production of Electronic and Induction Electric Meters

The largest share in the total production belongs to electronic meters (87.2% in 2008). 12.8% fall on induction meters (in natural terms). 

In terms of money the share of electronic meters makes up 93,4%, while the share of induction meters is 6.6%.

Single- and Three-Phase Electric Meters

In natural terms the largest share (77.4%) falls on the production of single-phase electric meters; three-phase meters account for 22.6%. In terms of money the share of single-phase electric meters makes up 39.9%, while  60.1% fall on the three-phase meters. 

Import of Electric Meters

In 2008 the structure of import was marked by supplies of electric meters for railway application these are pooled into a separate group. Such meters are supplied by ECHELON CORPORATION (China).     

A growth of electric meter import was registered in 2005-2008, however supply volumes were insignificant: according to our estimate the share of import in the consumption within this period did not go beyond 4%.

It is noteworthy, that import increased substantially in 2007, which was due to increased supplies of meters by Chinese manufacturers. The growth of import made up 25.8%. Import in 2008 remained the same as compared to 2007. 

 Three major electric meter suppliers to RF can be singled out in the structure of import, including China, US and Sweden. The share of these makes up 82.5% in natural terms and 79.5% - in terms of money. 
 Let us mention, that 3.2% fall on Russian electric meters (rejects, re-export, used).

The largest supplier of Chinese meters is LODESTAR INT'L CO. Electric meters from Sweden are offered by the manufacturer (ABB),  from the US by ELSTER ELECTRICITI LLC.

Export of Electric Meters

 2006 was marked by a considerable growth of electric meter export 46,7%, which was due to increased supplies to Azerbaijan. A slight export decline (6.5%) took place in 2007. The export in 2008 remained the same as in the previous year. 
The main users of the Russian electric meters are CIS states.  

The leading positions in terms of consumption in 2007 and 2008 were held by Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The share of export to these states makes up 72% in natural terms and 74.5% in terms of money. The main exporters are OJSC Concern Energomera, LLC Incotex, FSUE Nizhegorodsky Plant named after M.V. Frunze and OJSC LEP.

Consumption of Electric Meters

In 2007 the rated use of meters increased by 45.8% as compared to the previous year, which was explained by an increase in the production volume of the Russian manufacturers and by increased import. 

In 2008 the use of electric meters remained at the same level.

In 2008 the share of import in the total consumption made up 3.7%, the share of export in the production was 9.5%.  

The Share of Import in the Consumption, %

The share of Export in the Production, %



As compared to 2007, indications in terms of production, import, export and consumption remained the same. Production growth in 2008 slowed down. The Russian electric meter market was characterized by a high competition among the manufacturers and by re-distribution of market shares.

It is noteworthy, that the Russian manufacturers satisfy almost the entire electric meter demand of household and commercial consumers. In 2008 the share of import in the consumption made up 3.7 %. The share of export in the production was 9.5%.
In 2007 and 2008 a demand occurred for special electric meters for railways those were imported from China. 

In 2008 amendments were made to the Federal Law On the Foundation in Support of Reforming the Housing and Communal Service. These amendments assume, that to be granted support from the Foundation, a Region should be obliged to develop a program, making provisions for installation of domestic devices (electricity, heat and water meters).

Implementation of such programs in RF Regions may stimulate market development. This, however, would require considerable funding and would be largely dependent on the local authorities.

Abercade analysts believe, that a production decline is quite likely in 2009, which is connected with a decrease in demand on the domestic market, firstly, because of completion of programs to replace outdated electric meters by new ones in most RF Regions. Secondly, because of slow-down in the sphere of housing, conditioned by the economic crisis.    

Abercade analysts believe, that demand for double-rate electric meters will continue to increase, since they allow considerable savings. With a view to this the population needs to be broader informed about such devices.

Source: Abercade 
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