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Russian Market of Loader-Excavators: Overview


The following Russian companies have production capacities for manufacturing loader-excavators: A LAX STD LLC, Zlatex LLC, FSUE Dmitrov Excavator Plant, FSUE Omsk Plant of Vehicle Building, Close Joint Stock Company Dormashkomplekt, Donetsk Machine Building Plant LLC, Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) SAREX, OJSC Stroidormash Plant, OJSC Murommashzavod, OJSC PO ElAZ, (Elabuga Automobile Plant), OJSC Yurmash (Yurga Machine Building Plant).

Most of loader excavators produced in Russia are based on universal wheel-type tractors of drawback category 1,4 (primarily on the basis of tractors Belarus-80, Belarus-82, YuMZ and ZTM of the 6-th series).

From 2005-2007, the volume of production in physical terms increased by 1.7 times. In 2007, the largest portion of the overall Russian output 41.3% was produced by the Open Joint Stock Company PO ElAZ.

Structure (in %) of Loader-Excavator Production in 2007

Source: Research Company Abercade
Market Research: Overview of the Market of Loader-Excavators from  2005-2007

 OJSC PO ElAZ is specializing on the production of special automobiles and equipment for oil and gas industry. Another area of its activities is the production of wheel-type tractors of well-known brand Belarus in cooperation with the Minsk Tractor Plant and the manufacture of special equipment on their basis. In addition to the above equipment, the plant manufactures components and spare parts to such automobiles as KAMAZ, GAZ, VAZ, ZIL, URALAZ, non-standardized equipment and accessories for machine building facilities.

Address: Republic of Tatarstan, Elabuga District
Tel./Fax: +7 (85557) 5-10-03; +7 (85557) 5-10-90
Avtosnabkomplekt TD, LLC (Naberezhnye Chelny)
Agema, CJSC  (Kazan)
Atlant-Avto, LLC (Tyumen)
Volgodorservice, LLC (Cheboksary)
Interpartner, LLC (Izhevsk)
Loader-excavators: Elazovets EP-2626, Elazovets EP -2626-18.

The Donetsk Machine Building Plant LLC (PO Inter-Don) was established in 1996 as a subsidiary facility of CJSC Interex, producing and selling excavators EO-2101 and EO-2202 based on tractors MTZ and YuMZ, pre-sales setup, warranty and aftersales service and maintenance. Manufactured equipment is distinguished from analogs by the availability of box-type boom, improved scoop kinematics, non-welded pickups, horizontal configuration of rotary cylinders (it doubles service life of backhoe frame) and other technical developments protected by authors rights.

Address: Bld. 23, Zelenaya str., Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Oblast, the Russian Federation 344066 Tel./Fax: +7 (863) 254-44-77, (863) 250-81-28
ASM, LLC (Novosibirsk)
Velikan-Rustractor, LLC (Moscow)
Hydraulics-M, LLC (Volgograd)
Stroydormashservice-Petersburg, CJSC (Saint Petersburg)
Triest, LLC (Moscow)

Loader-excavators: EO-2101-11, EO-1202, EO-2101, EO-2101-10, EO-2101-12, EO-2101-13, EO-2101-20, EO-2101-21, EO-2101-22, EO-2101-23, EO-2101-10, EO-2101-11, EO-2101-20, EO-2101-21, EO-2202, EO-2202-10 EO-2202-11, EO-2202-12, EO-2202-13, EO-2202-20, EO-2202-21, EO-2202-22, EO-2202 and EO-2202-01.

The Open Joint Stock Company SAREX has launched serial production of loader-excavators. The first loader-excavator EO-2626 without digging shift and the second - EO-2626A with shifting digging axis. In addition, the company has single-piece production of loader-excavators EO-2321: version 1 without digging axis shift and version 2 with shifting digging axis. Loader-excavators EO-2626 and EO-2626A are produced on the basis of MTZ-82 tractors. Loader-excavators EO-2321 (Versions 1 and 2) are based on underframe assembled by the company from imported transmission parts. The following integral implements can be mounted on all manufactured loader excavators: hydraulic breaker, bucket for bulk materials, bucket with folks, narrow scoop, gripping device for haylage, silage, etc., and lifting device. In addition to the above types of integral implements, it is also possible to install the following equipment on loader-excavators: bucket for grains, grab for root crops, special bucket, high-capacity bucket for light bulk materials, ripper tooth, and shaped bucket. All types of integral implements are of in-house manufacture. 

Address: Bld. 126 A, Proletarskaya str., Saransk 430001
Tel./Fax:  Tel.: +7 (8342) 23-00-39; Fax: (8342) 47-14-59
Avtodin Company (Moscow)
Agrocenter, LLC (Barnaul)
AKKOR-Leasing, CJSC (Penza)
AKKORtechservice, LLC (Krasnodar)
Bashselkhoztechnika, GUSP (Ufa)
Loader-excavators: MF-290 SAREX, EO 2321 SAREX, EO-2621 V-3 (LTZ-AVE SAREX, EO-2621 V-3 (MTZ-80/82UK) SAREX, EO-2621 V-3 (YuMZ-6AK) SAREX, EO-2626 SAREX, EO-2626A SAREX, EO-2627A SAREX, EP-2421 (special chassis) SAREX.
FSUE OMSKTANSMASH is manufacturing excavators EO 2621V-2 based on tractor TM 60L.

Address: Bld. 2, Krasny pereulok, Omsk, Omsk Oblast 644020, RF
Tel./Fax:  +7 (3812) 40-15-00, 41-67-89

The Open Joint Stock Company Murommashzavod is specializing on the production of equipment for defense complex (tank and infantry complex vehicle simulators). Loader-excavator PK-301 on in-house chassis is also worth noting.

Address: Bld. 5, Karacharovskoe Road, Murom, Vladimir Oblast 602251, Russia
Tel./Fax: (49234)3-26-68, 3-31-45

Loader excavators hold one of the top positions (after caterpillar excavators) in the structure of import of road-making machines. The volume of their import is growing at high rate. The average annual growth rate of import volume from 2005 to 2007 increased by 2.5 in physical terms and by 2.97 times in monetary terms.
The largest shares in the imports of loader-excavators are owned by companies JCB and CNH. Their aggregate share in the overall volume of import is 75.8% in physical terms and 85.4% - in monetary terms.


Kazakhstan is the main region of supplies of loader-excavators. It imports 80% of the overall volume of Russian export.
Almost the overall volume of export 92.5% in physical terms and 92.6% in monetary terms falls on Zlatex LLC (its share makes up 36.7% and 35.4% in physical and value terms, respectively), ChZKM LLC (with the shares of 30.8% and 32.6% in physical and value terms, respectively), PO ElAZ OJSC (with the share in export volume of 25.0% and 24.6% in physical and value terms, respectively).
Market Development Forecast

Sales volume at the Russian market of loader-excavators from 2005-2007 increased by 3.21 times in physical terms and by 4.5 times in value terms.  The existing Russian manufacturer capacities are not sufficient to cover the growing deficiency of equipment. Thus, in 2007 the size of the Russian production output (including export) satisfied only 27% of the market demand; import of loader excavators also demonstrates a high growth rate. To meet the growing requirements, the Russian manufacturers have to increase production volume by at least 2.7 times.

In the last several years, the share of produced loader-excavators based on tractors LTZ, VTZ, ZTM has reduced. However, Belarus tractors have strengthened their position. Manufacturers of original loader-excavators, e.g. OJSC Murommashzavod (in 2005 only five Muromets PK-301 were produced) have reduced their output dramatically. Competition with Western companies JCB, Komatsu, Terex, New Holland, etc. is enhancing. Besides, the Russian manufacturers of attached implements consider MTZ tractors as basic machines and offer a wide range of equipment for them: hydraulic breakers, brooming, snow-cleaning, road-cleaning attachments, moldboards and logging blades, mowing machines, rippers, earth boring machines, buckets and other items.
According to experts, the market will be growing for 4-5 years and then the dynamics of Russian markets will change similarly to those in the industrially developed countries. By 2012, the market of construction and road-making equipment in Russia may double as a result of expanding road construction work in Russia. The Ministry of Transport has set an objective to eliminate drawbacks in road maintenance which affect significantly the throughput efficiency of the Federal road network. It is also planned to build new highways. As of today, the estimated motorway requirements in Russia amount to at least 1.5 mln. km, while the actual spread of the RF motor road network owned by the state is only 1 million 145 thousand km. And in this regard, only 20% of roadway paving requires no renovation.

As mentioned above, the process of market growth will continue for the next 4-5 years, and experts predict that the requirements for road-making equipment will grow at the rate of 25% per year. In future, the Russian market might become one of the largest markets in the world. As to its attractiveness for foreign manufacturers, the promising Chinese market of road construction equipment is a key competitor for Russia. In order to become market leaders, the Russian manufacturers have to update the offered product line on a regular basis. Currently, model lines of Western companies are renewed every 4-6 years, while in Russia this interval may exceed 10 years.

 Materials are based on studies performed by Research Company Abercade

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