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Market of gas accounting instruments of the RF in 2006

Types of gas flow rate accounting instruments

A gas meter is designed to measure the volume of gas V passing through the meter at operating pressure and temperature.

The basic performance characteristic of any gas meter is a flow rate – the amount of gas passing through the meter in unit time (Q is volume of gas, unit: m3/hr).

Other performance characteristics of a gas meter include:

- minimum and maximum flow rate (Qmin and Qmax),

- gas pressure (unit: Pa), 

- relative error limit (%),

- pressure loss at Qmax (unit: Pa),

- calibration interval (years),

- threshold (m3/hr),

- range of operating temperatures (°C),

- overall dimensions (mm)

- weight (kg)

Manufacture of gas accounting instruments

To estimate gas meter output, questionnaire was offered to gas meter manufacturers in the Russian Federation, and information of sectoral agencies and Federal State Statistic Service was used.

According to the data of gas installation service in the regions of Russia, procurement of domestic gas meters in 2006 was more than double of 2005, and output growth in 2006 was 25 – 30% compared with the previous year. The current trends indicate the following:

1.  Reorientation of gas sector to the priority supply to domestic users which was declared by the government and which is being implemented.

2.  Dramatic drop in gas meter export is due to both increase in domestic demand and drop in demand at CIS markets. In particular, in 2006 export of gas meters to Uzbekistan and Georgia shrunk multiply, which can be explained both by political reasons and diversification of domestic gas accounting policy of these states.

According to market research company Abercade, the total output of domestic, utility and industrial gas meters was $73.553 million in monetary term.

Domestic and utility gas meters

Diagram 1 shows data on the output of domestic and utility gas meters for 2006 as fractions of percent.

Diagram 1. Output of domestic and utility gas meters by manufacturers, pcs.

Red - CJSC Gas Device; Blue - FGUP VPO Tochmash; Gray - OJSC EPO Signal; Green – OJSC Electropribor, Pink - OJSC ELSTER Gazelectronika; Yellow - OJSC Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant; Orange – other manufacturers

Source: questionnaire of gas meter manufacturers, calculations by research company Abercade.

In the domestic gas meter market, two major manufacturers can be pointed out in terms of production output: CJSC Gas Device and FGUP VPO Tochmash. 

Questionnaire of gas meter manufacturers showed different estimations of the output of the leading companies.

According to estimation of the research company Abercade, Gas Device accounts for 31%, Tochmash 25%, Signal 15%, Electropribor 10%, and ELSTER Gazelectronika 9.8%. 

It should be noted that OJSC ELSTER Gazelectronika manufactures domestic gas meters as well as sells domestic and utility meters manufactured in Germany, while the above shown percent of the meter market includes only the meters manufactured in the Russian Federation.

Industrial gas meters

The largest manufacturers of industrial gas meters are OJSC Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant together with OJSC ELSTER Gazelectronika; market share of these companies is 86 %.

Structure of gas meters manufacture

Structure manufacture of domestic, utility and industrial gas meters

Output of domestic and utility gas meters is 98.9%, utility meters making about 0.5%. Output of industrial meters is 1.2% in kind of the total gas meter output. In money terms, the share of domestic and utility gas meters is 36.6%, with utility meters making ca. 4.9% in money term. Industrial gas meters make 31.9%.


Import of gas accounting instruments


 Diagram #2. Structure of gas meter imports in 2006 expressed in physical terms

 Orange – domestic, Green –utility, Violet - industrial


 Diagram #3. Structure of gas meter imports in 2006 expressed in monetary term

Orange – domestic, Green –utility, Violet - industrial

Consumption of gas accounting instruments 

To calculate consumption the following formula was used: production + import – export. Table#3  shows data of gas meters consumption expressed in monetary terms.

Table #3. Consumption of gas meters in 2006, US$ mln.











Calculations: Market Research Company Abercade

Import share in the consumption makes up 14.7 % and export share in the production -  13.3%. It should be noted that the share of export in manufacturing of the products reduced by 22% vs. the last year. It is caused by a significant growth of domestic consumption of the devices (State Program on Gas Installation Service) and redistribution of consumption in CIS countries in favor of less expensive Chinese domestic instruments (credit programs in such countries as Georgia and Uzbekistan), while they still prefer to purchase industrial instruments from Russia.

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