About the Company

Research Company Abercade is specializing on the investigation of industrial markets and technologies.

The Company was established in 1999. Abercade’s Offices are located in Moscow in Minsk. The Company is planning to open an Office in China in November 2008.

Every year Abercade issues over 100 reports with industrial market surveys.

Abercade conducts surveys upon clientele requests and implements its own research projects in the key industries and markets. The results of studies are presented in a series of annual monitoring documents, statistic products and targeted reports.

Such research projects as “Market of Biotechnologies,” “Tare and Package,” “Compound Animal Feed and Premixes,” “Market of Nano-Substances and Nano-Technologies,” “Market of Accounting Devices/Meters” are known quite well in the market place.

More details about research and monitoring activities and reports are given in the section Market Research. Articles and presentations of Abercade analysts please see in the section Analytics

Research Company Abercade releases the following three key types of products:

  • Surveys of industries and markets conducted upon client requests
  • Regular market monitoring issues («ready-made reports»)
  • Development of strategic documents (strategies of the development of companies, industries, and markets)

Company’s business has been structured in the following eight key industry practices:

  • Biotech Market
  • Market of Tare, Package and Capping Products
  • Market of Accounting Devices/Meters and Measuring Devices
  • Agro-Food Sector
  • Market of Nano-Substances and UDP
  • Power Engineering and Power-Plant Industry
  • Market of Construction Materials
  • Industrial Chemistry

Support of targeted industry practice means that the Company is conducting research of this industry state on a regular and consistent basis; monitoring data are obtained for all major commodity lines; and, the relevant data bases of manufacturers and major market players are updated. 

Information about Abercade surveys is available upon request via e-mail mail@abercade.ru

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